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Manifest your Dreams

The Law of Attraction – “What’s like unto itself is drawn” – is a universal law which is always at work. What you attract and manifest is the sum of your thoughts and your emotions - your point of attraction.

Because this is a universal law, this is true whether you are aware of it or not. This means there are two ways of creating your own reality. You can do it by default – if you don’t know where you are going, that’s where you will end up – or you can do it by conscious creation.

In these journeys we explore what you want in different areas of your life and what blocks you from achieving it. Then we adjust your point of attraction accordingly using SRT, PSYCH-K® Body Code and Emotion Code. Finally, we will identify manageable, fun action steps that will take you in the direction of what you desire.

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Madison smiles.

"From Heartbreak to Honeymoon"

Geologist, Canada

Heather has a big grin. She looks healthy and happy.

"I am matching my previous salary, working half the hours, doing a job I love"

Holistic Health Coach, Florida

Jo is smiling with a medal on. She looks proud.

"I lost 15lbs and quit a medicine!"

Seamstress, Florida

1 to 1 Coaching & Healing Programmes

A couple hold hands while horse-riding.
1-2-1 programme with Coach Grethe

From Heartbreak to Honeymoon

Get crystal clear on what kind of relationship you want and become the person that is capable of manifesting and nurturing a healthy, supportive and passionate relationship


Standard price $1666


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A lady shows off her dollar bills.
1-2-1 programme with Coach Grethe

From Struggle & Stress to Meaning & Abundance


It's time to free yourself from your old money paradigm. Decide what your new abundant life is going to look and feel like and get in perfect vibrational alignment with your abundance goal.


Standard price $1666


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A lady in bright colours hugs herself. She looks at peace.
1-2-1 programme with Coach Grethe

Loving Yourself to Great Health

Reprogram the subconscious beliefs and release the trapped emotions that may be blocking you from achieving the health, vitality and body you desire. Supercharge your self-love, self-image and confidence!



Standard price $1666


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Double Bundle


Standard Price $3330

  • Two 5-session 1-2-1 Programmes of your choice.
  • Weekly Power Hour Included
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Complete Bundle


Standard Price $4995

  • Three 5-session 1-2-1 Programmes of your choice.
  • Weekly Power Hour Included
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"I am already matching my previous salary, working half the hours, doing a job I love!"

"Working with Grethe changed everything for me. I am a former preschool director turned holistic health coach. When I reached out to Grethe, I was in the beginning stages of starting my health coach practice. I was struggling with low self-worth and nervous about networking.

She offered a new perspective on the areas I was struggling with and helped me face my issues with compassion. She guided me through the healing process, holding space for the emotions and memories that needed to be addressed.

As a result, I now match my preschool salary working half the hours in a health coaching job I love and continue to build my business. I confidently put myself out there, speak at events, network, and enjoy it. I feel worthy and have no problem charging my worth and asking for money. I am so grateful for the work I did with Grethe and the transformation it has brought to my life and business."

Holistic Health Coach, Florida

Online Courses

Feeling Overwhelmed?

You have so many things on your to do list, you don't even know where to start. So you become paralyzed and end up doing nothing.

Feeling Lonely or Insecure?

Or you wish you had someone to talk to to get some feedback to help you make a decision. Being an entrepreneur, small business owner or simply working on yourself can be lonely.


We've Got You!

During Power Hour, we provide community, accountability, support, joy and being in the energy of work getting done. Join our weekly 2 hour online work sessions and get it done!

Give it a try; your first session is free.

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Meet Grethe, your Coach and Energy Healer

My passion is learning and sharing the best hacks, tips and tricks to make the law of attraction work for YOU. My background in Biology (MSc in toxicology and 10+ years in Environmental Management) keeps me grounded in science. I have studied the Law of Attraction for 20 years, and I am certified in the energy healing modalities PSYCH-K®, Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) Emotion Code and Body Code. In my coaching practice, I bring science and spirituality together, to help my clients create Extraordinary Results That Last. 

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