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A tried and tested 3-step process


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A tried and tested 3-step process


Get crystal clear on your goals, dreams and desires. If you don’t know what you want – that’s exactly what you are going to get. What does your dream relationship, dream job and perfect health condition look and feel like?


Create fast and lasting mindset change with state-of-the-art energy psychology and energy healing modalities. Using a combination of PSYCH-K®, Emotion Code, Body Code and the Subconscious Belief Technique will shift your point of attraction in minutes.

When you get your subconscious mind in vibrational alignment with your conscious goals, the law of attraction will bring you your wishes and desires faster than ever before.


Decide on the best action steps and new habits to implement embody the person you need to be, to manifest the life you want.

"Within 5 years, I had manifested my dream man, dream job, and dream home."

- Grethe Fremo-Bjørn

Following years of self-neglect, my mental and physical health pushed me to a breaking point. I knew things had to change. With the power of modalities like PSYCH-K® and the help of many amazing people, I learnt to put myself first and to be happy again.

If you feel frustrated with your relationships, like there’s never enough money, or limited by your health issues, set up a free strategy call today. 

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"From Heartbreak to Honeymoon"

Geologist, Canada

"I manifested an amazing freelance offer"

Psychologist, Spain

"Body Code helped me heal from seizures"

Model & Non-profit Founder, Canada

*At their request, placeholder images have been used to represent real clients

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From Heartbreak to Honeymoon

Decide what kind of relationship you want and become the person that is capable of manifesting and nurturing a healthy, supportive and passionate relationship.

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From Struggle & Stress to Meaning & Abundance

Blast away your money blocks to create the financial freedom you have always dreamt about.

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Loving Yourself to Great Health

Reprogram the subconscious beliefs and trapped emotions that may be blocking you from achieving the health, vitality and body you desire.  

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