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Let's get things done - together!

Power hour is a virtual space where we hang out and get things done.

We meet on zoom, bring the tasks we need to do and tend to procrastinate. We all set an intention for what we want to get done for accountability and then we work. We give each other support and feedback and just really enjoy being in this space and creative energy together. At the end of the session, we share what we got done and celebrate!

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Sheree has a big smile.

"I get things done during Power Hour that I have been procrastinating for months."

Tax Specialist & Accountant, Florida

Bente smiles in the open air next to her truck.

"I am halfway through accounts for 2022 thanks to Power Hour."

Natural Horsemanship Expert & Horse Trainer, Norway

Priya is on a beach. She is smiling and enjoying her life.

"I manifested an amazing freelance offer and grew my business."

Psychologist & Coach, Netherlands

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Grethe is typing away on her laptop in the airport lounge.

Meet your Host

Coach Grethe is a Energy Healer and Manifestation Coach, dedicated to helping her clients create Extraordinary Change That Lasts. She loves structure, order and getting things done. But some things are just not that fun, it may be difficult to get started or we let ourselves get distracted. Grethe created Power Hour to provide a space where we can get over procrastination and get things done together. 

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