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Radiant Health Through Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the arrangement of objects and the energy in a space. It gives you a deeper understanding of how you relate to your space and how the harmonic, energetic flow in a physical space can create harmony in your life. 

Implementing the principles of Feng Shui can enhance your life in many areas, including your health and wellbeing.

Want to know how? 

You'll get the answers in this online workshop!

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Meet Your Hosts

Anna Pavlakis

Anna Pavlakis is a Shamanic Healer and Feng Shui Consultant. For nearly 20 years Anna has been working with clients all over the world to help them bring balance, harmony, healing, health and abundance into their lives. Anna has presented numerous workshops, channeled shamanic journeys, intuitive readings and healings in NYC, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia, Spain and online. For more information about Anna and her work, click here

Coach Grethe

Coach Grethe has studied the Law of Attraction for 20+ years. Her passion is learning and sharing the best hacks, tips and tricks to help her clients create the lives they want with minimum effort. This has led her to become certified in multiple energy healing modalities (PSYCH-K®, Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) Emotion Code and Body Code). Her background in Biology (MSc in Toxicology and 10+ years in Environmental Management) keeps her grounded in science while she brings science and spirituality together, to help YOU create Extraordinary Results that Last.

April 30th 2023


8.00 am PST - 11.00 am EST - 17:00 CET









3,5 hour online workshop packed with content

Set your goal

Get clear on what radiant health and wellbeing means to you, and set your personal optimal health goal.

Feng Shui

Learn the fundamentals of Feng Shui, how your space may be negatively affecting your health, and how to adjust your home in order to bring more wellbeing into your life. 

Energy Healing

Group energy healing to reprogram your subconscious mind and clear anything in your personal energy grid that's blocking you from living your most radiant, happy and healthy life.


Plenty of time to get all your Feng Shui questions answered by a Feng Shui Specialist. Bring your floorplan!


Get one year access to the recording so you can review at your leisure. 

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Discounted price PLUS a introductory floor plan analysis for your home.

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"This workshop was absolutely amazing!"

"I have been doing Feng Shui for years. I have heard a lot of lectures on romance and Feng Shui. This workshop was absolutely amazing. Anna took this way past what I have heard before. She covered so many things and put it together really well. Anna is fabulous." 

Feng Shui Consultant, New York

"An invaluable experience"

"It was a great evening. Anna shared with us so many ‘tricks of the trade’ about clearing space. She is a good speaker, and everything was exceptionally well presented. Anna provided a detailed outline of the topics. We had some time to clear the space in the meeting room, and I think the experience was invaluable in learning to sense changes in the energy of the room. Thank you, Anna!"

Janice Kuhl
New York City

"After each of Anna's visits, my husband got a huge raise!"

"Anna Pavlakis does great work. She came to our house in Burke, VA on two occasions.

The first was to clear our house and the second was to work on realigning some energy in our upstairs bedroom. After her first visit, my husband received a huge raise. 

After her second visit, he received another big raise!

Also our energy in our bedroom calmed down and our leak in our sink, below our bedroom fixed itself as did our dishwasher. Great work. I would highly recommend her services."

Elizabeth Fischer
Stay at home mom, Burke VA


"I lost 15 pounds and quit a medicine" 

"Grethe is so easy to talk to, she immediately put me at ease. As I began to describe what seemed like unrelated problem areas in my life, she began to really know me, and made sense of my jumble of issues. Through her many modalities she helped me let go of long-held beliefs that were making me miserable. Sometimes I cannot even put into words what I am feeling, but with her amazing empathy, she knows what is wrong and how to help me fix it.

I don’t understand how she does it, but the changes she has helped me make have transformed my life. I have started eating better, have lost 15 pounds, and have eliminated one of the antidepressants I’ve been on for over 10 years! There is still more work to do, but after a session with Grethe I am on a positive high for days. The most valuable result of working with Grethe is the feeling of hopefulness. Whatever struggles I am going through, I know she will help me identify what is blocking me from achieving my desired outcome, and together we will work out a plan to smooth the path ahead."

Seamstress, Florida

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